FARAH NAZ New York’s Eco- Trend or Sustainable Collection is a stunning selection of luxury pieces designed with sustainable materials. For the planet-conscious who want to impress with hand-crafted/ Haute couture formal wear, the sustainable ready-to-wear collection is a fantastic conversation starter and head-turner. The delicate design of the collection is simple yet accomplished, with eco-friendly jeans, double silk jumpsuits, cashmere, or cupro silk outfits.

The fashion industry is one of the highest polluters on the planet. There is so much waste in our industry, and we want the Sustainable line to highlight the importance of eco-friendly production while showing off of sustainable fashion. Our organic silk is naturally derived without harmful chemicals or waste. Our philosophy has always been to create fashion that not only speaks to the world of Sustainable Collection but also boosts your confidence in knowing your sustainable garment is chemical-free and environmentally friendly. FARAH NAZ New York will continue to take similar steps in the future in order to continue its contribution to making this world a better place for the next generations to come.