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The Shy One's Guide to Styling a Crop Top

The Shy One's Guide to Styling a Crop Top

Every woman loves to sport a crop top. This cute little piece of clothing is a woman's summer best friend and is the perfect way to rock that girl next door look. However, some of us are still trying to shed a few pounds from the pandemic and are a bit shy, showing off our chubby tummies.

 But that doesn't mean that we need to steer clear of crop tops and not include crop tops in our outfits.

There are always a few ways you can look cute in one without having to worry about showing too much skin. We'll share a few chic ways to pull off that crop top look!

Get Some High-Rise Love!

High-rise bottoms are the perfect way to flaunt those long legs. High-rise bottoms can be a fashionable way to slay the crop top look effortlessly. Style your crop top with a pair of high-rise denim, pants, or shorts.

What makes high-rise bottoms so convenient is you can adjust them any way you like. You can wear it as high or as low as you want to cover your skin. A high-rise skirt would be a killer piece to pair your crop top with.

Layer on Overalls

A woman in a crop top and overalls

Trust overalls to make their way into every season's outfits! Overalls or shortalls are one of the cutest and chic clothing pieces ever. They give an appealing and sporty look, making it the apt option to style with a crop top.

Play a little peek-a-boo by wearing an overall over your crop top. That will perfectly hide your stomach but ensure your style makes heads turn!

Put On a Blazer!

Blazers make any outfit look sophisticated and elite. Trust a blazer or a jacket to add to your outfit while ensuring your skin doesn't draw much attention. Put on a blazer over your crop top and look chic and put together in a crop top!

Go All Out with a Flare Skirt

What makes crop tops so loveable is they're suitable for every event; all you need is the perfect styling. If you're looking for a way to style your crop top for a formal or semi-formal event, go for a flared skirt!

A flare skirt screams elegance and is quite stylish. Don't let this clothing piece go to waste, and pair it up with your crop top. A flared skirt can be worn as high as you please to conceal your skin. Trust a flared skirt to make a statement!

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