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Cartilage Earrings Ideas For Every Occasion This Season

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9 Cartilage Earrings Ideas For Every Occasion This Season

Cartilage Earrings Ideas For Every Occasion This Season

Cartilage earrings were formerly reserved for individuals with unconventional appearances, but a wide variety of styles has opened up the opportunity for everyone to wear them. Pick out all you need to know about a cartilage piercing and how to find a style that's right for you below.

A wide variety of designs have been made by body jewelry professionals and custom jewelers that may be worn in your cartilage. Although styles are significant, we'll first cover the basics of how cartilage piercings are done and where you may wear them.

Cartilage earring jewelry is available in various styles and may be used with a wide range of piercings. Some of them are explained  below:


Patterned, plain, or encrusted with stones are all options for hoops in cartilage earrings. Only the rook, outer conch, the auricle, and the orbital are not suitable for hoop earrings. Even though a type of hoop earring may fit snugly or in the inner conch position, the hoop will fall back down onto your ear if the earring is facing upward.

Bead Captive Rings

Earrings with a focal point in the center are called captive beads. A bead has traditionally been used as the center point, but today's designs use intricate soldering and metalwork to enhance the design. Hoops and captive beads may be worn in cartilage piercings.

Dangling Style Cartilage Studs

In the same way as ordinary posts or studs, dangling cartilage studs come with a small hanging charm attached to the front. They appear and feel like hanging hook earrings worn on the top ear with a post attachment.

Labret Studs

Labret studs are similar to those worn in the earlobes, but they are shorter and feature a flat back for added comfort. They come in a wide range of styles, from a simple ball of metal to a cluster of valuable stones.

Chain of Cartilage

To put it simply, cartilage chains are made up of two distinct earrings joined by a chain. Any two piercings may be linked together with cartilage chains, but they work best with outer ear piercings since the chain will slip out from your ear canal when it's long enough.


Straight, curved, and circular barbell earrings have studs or posts that display on both ends. A stone, ball, or charm is attached at one end of the threaded ball. 

Multiple Piercings

Combining many cartilage piercings into a single design is a constellation piercing. Each of the various yet complementing piercing styles may have four cartilage piercings. When it comes to creating constellation earrings, the attention is on how the earrings appear when worn together rather than how they look individually.

Cartilage Shields Style

Cartilage shields are similar to cuffs in appearance; however, they go through an ear piercing instead of around it. Unlike a cuff, they don't fall off and may be worn lower on the helix. The helix region is best served with cartilage shields.

Bone Studs 

It's possible to get the effect of several piercings with only one large cartilage stud; these earrings include extended crawling motifs that simulate the appearance of multiple piercings. Auricle, conch, and helix piercings in the outer and upper ear are excellent candidates for these studs.


There are tattoo and piercing parlors where cartilage earrings are sold. Earrings made of hypoallergenic metals like surgical stainless steel or titanium are ideal for healing cartilage piercings since they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction or infection.

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