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Farah Naz New York

Each masterpiece at Farah Naz Fashion house is timeless and classic, which is not bound by time or era. Farah Naz is the premiere destination for luxurious dresses for a variety of occasions. Our handcrafted haute couture fashion collection is constructed by experienced craftsmen and women from around the world. and high-end. Be it New York, Paris, London, Dubai and New Delhi the fabric is made exclusively for you, the work is done exclusively by the prolific craftsman whose families have been in this business for centuries. Shop our ready to wear collection, too and you are sure to find the perfect piece for you! Take a glance at the Runway Collection for dresses such as the Sapphire Blue Fitted Gown and Ruffle Ivory Beaded Dress.

With a mission to “create revolutionary women’s apparel that masters classic haute couture handmade techniques, and stylish high-end ready-to-wear where both collections are timeless in design and superior in quality," Farah Naz is here to impress with style. Each garment takes a significant amount of time to conceive, fabricate and finish by hand. With naturally sourced materials and free from any hazardous chemicals, each dress can be worn with confidence as it should.

Farah Naz Wedding Dresses are renowned for their beauty and style for the big day. Looking for the perfect marriage of luxury and function? The jumpsuits and evening gowns provide an elegant mix of form and function.

Learn more about our story and why putting on a Farah Naz piece is a decision that you will never forget!

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