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Farah Naz established her eponymous fashion brand in 2018. Our main objective is to combine the two major concerns of modern women which are ‘functional’ and ‘looking good’. We have dedicated our commitment to creating eco-friendly clothing in all of our  product range categories including Haute Couture, Ready-to-Wear, Formal Wear  and of course, our Sustainable collection.

FARAH NAZ New York Haute Couture collection takes a significant amount of time to conceive, fabricate and finish by hand. We offer some haute couture clothing ranges which are sustainable as well pulling out the best of the royal experience of haute couture.

These objectives are also incorporated in their handmade classic Haute Couture designs which include fabrications in Chantilly and French Lace, and other silks. Our sustainable Ready-to-Wear  line includes organic cotton, recycled polyester  eco friendly denim, silk, and hemp silk made from wood pulp.

Each masterpiece at FARAH NAZ New York Fashion house is timeless and classic, and not bound by time or era. FARAH NAZ New York is the premiere destination for luxurious dresses for a variety of occasions. Our handcrafted haute couture fashion collection is constructed by experienced craftsmen and women from around the world.  Check out our Couture ready to wear collection and you are sure to find the perfect piece for you! Take a glance at the Runway Collection for dresses such as the Hand- made Sapphire Blue Fitted Gown and Ruffle Ivory Beaded Dress.

With a mission to “create revolutionary women’s apparel that masters classic haute couture handmade techniques, and stylish high-end ready-to-wear where both collections are timeless.”

FARAH NAZ New York Haute- Couture Collection will make you rethink

Haute couture designs are considered to be the most elegant since its inception back in the 18th century. With the incommensurable quality that haute couture designs have provided over time, one cannot ignore the superior experience that these designs can offer. Though recently, some are of the opinion that the ecstasy of haute couture is fading away with the trend to wear new age designs which are comfortable to wear while leaving the fear of carrying a costly haute couture piece. But at the same time FARAH NAZ New York is very serious about the environmental pollution that is caused by a typical fashion house and thus have considered sustainable design as one of their priorities. In such an innovative way, luxury brand FARAH NAZ New York is reviving the charm of classic Haute Couture and setting the example of being responsible for a better tomorrow.

Learn more about our story and why wearing a Farah Naz piece is a decision that you will never forget!

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