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5 Tips for Wearing a High-Slit Dress

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The high-slit trend in women’s apparel was introduced to add height and shape to toned legs. It’s mostly relegated to evening gowns and shows toned legs in the best possible way without settling on floor or ankle-length. While we don’t believe anyone can look bad in a high-slit, we can totally understand your reservations.


Here’s how you can feel as good as you look in a high-slit dress.

1.    Let it Shine

You’ve got to be bold to rock something as risqué as a thigh-high slit. Since it’s clearly the star of your ensemble, make sure there are no distractions.


If there’s anything we’ve learned from celebrities and their super-high slits, it’s that subtle accessorizing is key to making a good look great.


Bonus Tip: Complete your ensemble with a badass Handmade Engraved Bracelet.

2.    Pair Footwear with Care

The right footwear can make or break your entire look. Fortunately, the choice should come naturally to you. Just think of height as inversely proportional to the length of your legs. By that logic, the higher your heels or wedges, the less noticeable the slit of your formal wear.


Bonus Tip: Calf-length, knee-high, or thigh-high boots are an instant killer for high-slits.

A Model Posing in a Black Slit Slip Dress with Spaghetti Straps and Heels

3.    Fit Right In

It’s extremely important to fit like a glove into a leg-revealing dress, even more so if that dress has a high slit.


Here’s what might happen otherwise:


  • A tight dress would have creases before you can even get to the venue.
  • When you sit or walk, your formal dress might shift beyond the leg.
  • You might end up in wardrobe malfunction territory by revealing underwear.


Bonus Tip: Wear your sexiest lingerie to make an ill-fit look intentional.

4.    Dress for the Weather

So, here’s the thing: high-slits are flappy, and while they do flow around your legs when you’re walking indoors, they might defeat the purpose of wearing a high-slit outdoors.


You see, the outdoors can be quite windy on the nicest of days. We’ve seen our fair share of celebrities in high-slit dresses, trying to walk and pose for pictures on the red carpet only to have the article flash the flashing cameras.


Unless it’s intentional, you must always wear high-slits indoors and when the weather permits it outdoors.


Bonus Tip: If in such a precarious position, walk in the opposite direction of the wind.

5.    Tape it Up

Fashion tapes are a lifesaving way to prevent a fashion faux pas. It works on the skin like safety pins go on clothes. All you have to do is apply it strategically enough to hide its presence and secure it well enough that it doesn’t give out at the slightest tug or shift.


Bonus Tip: Carry some spare tape in case it comes off like you do your beauty blender to correct makeup.

Wear Your Elegant Long Evening Dress Like a Queen

Now that you know what it takes to rock an evening dress with a high-slit, allow us to direct you to our couture evening gowns, which feature plenty of styles, lengths, originality, and functionality to keep you comfortable throughout the evening.


If you’re looking to shop for the occasion, check out our bridal dresses, wedding guest dresses, and unique formal jumpsuits.


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