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All You Need to Know About Midi Dresses

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Shopping for a new outfit? It’s time to add a midi dress to your wardrobe! Midi dresses come in various varieties that fit your body type and preference. Plus, they look super cute when you wear them, regardless of the season. You can pair them with a warm cardigan, a pair of stylish boots, or some strappy heels.

What is a Midi Dress?

Any dress that falls below your knee but above your ankle is a midi dress. They come in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns. Most people often mix up midi dresses and maxi dresses. They are not the same as a maxi dress will fall all the way down to the floor or ankle, and the midi dress will stop at your mid-calf.

They are a perfect fashion staple for every season and can be styled in different ways.

Midi Dresses: A Brief History

Midi dresses have been around for longer than you think; almost a century.

The 1990s

Back then, only poor people used to wear dresses that fell above their ankles. This is because the working class could not afford to buy new dresses for their growing children.

The 1920s

In the early 1920s, shorter dresses became a new normal as most women began to wear dresses with shorter hemlines.

However, it wasn’t until 1927 that flapper dresses made their debut. Flappers was the moniker given to a young, rebellious generation of girls who went against social norms and wore short dresses. 

The 1940s

Midi dresses were seen as a symbol of femininity and elegance without showing too much skin.

The 1960s

Women began to wear a wide variety of dresses like mini, maxi, and midi.

A woman wearing a cut-out midi dress

Different Types of Midi Dresses


This type of midi dress is tighter as it clings to your body to accentuate your natural curves like your hips and waist.


Popular during the spring and summer season and on special occasions like weddings, this dress features an off-the-shoulder dressy look.


This type of midi dress is a popular choice in the cooler months of the year. They look classy and exude comfort.


They are elegant and the ideal choice for more formal events. They are crafted using lace fabric in different designs.


This type of dress has a tie around your waist area, and you can choose how tight you want the dress to be. This looks flattering on various body types as it accentuates your body shapes and defines your waist.

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