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Everlasting Wardrobes: How to Make Your Designer Clothes Last Longer

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Nobody wants their favorite clothes to fade and lose their texture. If you want to be a responsible consumer and minimize waste, you should know it's not easy.

You will need to fully commit to ways to keep your wardrobe long-lasting and sustainable. Here are some ways you can do that. When purchasing your next ready-to-wear clothes, keep these pointers in mind.


1.    Buy Fabrics Made with Linen

Clothes made with linen do not look old even after years. Linen significantly lasts longer and does not lose its texture. It is strong and sustainable, and garments made with linen are not easily worn out. This increases the longevity of clothes; they are breathable and do not get smelly easily. Linen is known to have antibacterial properties and gets softer with every wash.

2.    Hemp Made Clothes

It is quite similar to linen as both the materials are made from the plant. It is one of the strongest fibers in the world. It is perfect for warm weather, needs less washing, and tends to become soft with wash instead of fading out. They can make your wardrobe everlasting and help you keep your favorite designer wear for a long time.

3.    Outfits Made With Rayon

Rayon is a durable synthetic fiber that can be great as a partially natural and sustainable element. The clothes made with FCS Rayon are highly durable, and most brands use them. To longevity of Rayon Fabrics, companies try to keep it organic and sustainable.

4.    Silk Wear

Silk is stronger and is used for high-quality dresses. If you have clothes made of silk in your wardrobe, they will last longer. Silk is lightweight and great for springtime. Since silk is antibacterial, you do not need to wash it again and again, making silk clothes last longer. Silk dresses are more likely to stay in perfect shape after washing.


5.    Clothes Made Of Angora Wool

If you're going to buy clothes made of angora wool, they are likely to be more durable than regular wool. Angora wool is fluffy and has a fiber-like texture. With care, you can keep it good as new for a long time by limiting its shredding and felting.  Most garments made with angora wool outlive other garments. It is an odor-resistant fabric and does not require as much washing as other woolen fabric.

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