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Best Sustainable Fashion Brand

The hottest fashion trend isn’t a must-have style or a seasonal color: It’s the concept of ethical clothing and sustainable fashion. The textiles industry is wreaking havoc on the environment between the processes to make clothing and the waste when it gets tossed, so brands and consumers alike have taken a much-needed interest in enhancing these issues.

What Is Ethical or Sustainable Fashion?

While "fast fashion" defines clothing that is cheaply made and intended for short-term use, "ethical" (or "sustainable") fashion is the opposite. It considers the entire lifecycle of the product — from the sourcing, design, and production procedures — and looks at everything and everyone being affected by it, from the communities, to the workers, and environment where it’s produced, to the consumers who buy it.

Even though it's a complicated issue, if there's a brand that's currently tackling everything to perfection, it's Farah Naz New York.

Let's have a look at some of the major concerns that Farah Naz New York is tackling:

  1. Hazardous chemicals:

Finishes and Dyes from the production procedures are extremely harmful for the workers. These chemicals might not affect the consumers much; however, they’re a major problem for the people who produce clothes and those who live in areas where they’re produced. The team of qualified experts at Farah Naz is tasked with brand-new and effective ways to address finishes and dyes for features like water-repellency and wrinkle-resistance.

  1. Short lifecycle:

All over the world, customers are constantly updating their wardrobes stores, and brands are continuously launching new designs. However, Farah Naz's goal is to make sustainable fashion more familiar and to purchase less and utilize things longer.

  1. Waste:

The maestros working at Faraz Naz are committed to making products useful again once they’ve run their course by using recycled materials in apparel.

Most Sustainable Fabrics

At Farah Naz, they believe that the most sustainable fabric is the one that’s been previously used; anything new that has been produced – regardless of what material – has a negative impact on the environment after that comes fabrics made with recycled material.

Quite often, you’ll find polyester made from recycled water bottles. And just like that, Farah Naz ensures that they offer 100% recycled polyester. There is a possibility that you may find some brands marketing it as “made with partially recycled materials” when it’s really only a small portion.

Lastly, the fabrics of Farah Naz New York’s sustainable collection are made with sustainable fibers and are way more better than the traditional ones, like organic fibers that use fewer chemicals and water or Tencel that’s safer for workers and produces less waste.

Is Farah Naz an Affordable, Sustainable Fashion Brand?

Yes! Buying something that has been made using eco-friendly materials is automatically going to cost you less. This doesn’t mean you have to shop at your nearby supermarket, and it’s actually becoming a hot trend: Have a look at Farah Naz New York’s Dazzling Sustainable Collection.

The best thing about Farah Naz New York is that you get the assurance of buying from a sustainable fashion brand that follows ethical practices, gives fair wages, uses organic fibers, and creates more durable items that last longer.



10 Must-Have Couture Pieces for Every Closet

Every woman wants to wear clothing that fits them like a glove. Rather than settling for items that are produced for the masses, you must aim to add handmade items into your closet that offer exceptional attention to detail and will flatter your figure.

If you want to look effortlessly stylish at your next event, here are ten must-have couture pieces you’d be proud to have in your closet.

  1. Illusion Neck Floor-length Flare Gown

Grab everyone’s attention when you step into a room with this Illusion Neck Floor-length Flare Gown.  It’s impossible not to fall in love with the beautiful design, which is fully lined, offers fine stitching, and an invisible back zipper.

The full hand-embroidered dress oozes style and sophistication, and the striking pink hue will turn many heads at a wedding, birthday party, a company event, or a dinner party. The gorgeous dress also offers a round neckline and feminine illusion sleeves, which will ensure you are bursting with confidence as soon as you slip it on.

  1. French Lace Gown

If you want to look as if you have stepped straight off a runway at an upcoming event, you should adorn this French lace gown. The bold red color will make sure you pop in a crowd, and you’ll feel both comfortable and stylish thanks to its pretty boat neck and cap sleeves.

It will also be hard not to fall in love with its many details, as it features hand-stitched 3D tissue flowers, rhinestones, pearls, pleated organza, and pearl trims. It’s no wonder it featured in both Elle and Harper’s Bazaar’s runway collection.

  1. Cape Style Jumpsuit

The Cape style jumpsuit is bound to stand apart from other items hanging in your closet. The figure-hugging shimmer jumpsuit will highlight your shape, while the hand-embroidered lace shawl adds a splash of glamor and elegance to the couture outfit.

It is a stylish choice for any event or season, such as a wedding, Christmas, or a date night with your other half. It will also look fabulous when paired with a pair of black high heels and diamond earrings.

  1. Train Gown

All eyes will be on you at a big event when you wear this exquisite train gown. The fully lined couture dress offers an eye-catching train and a gorgeous low V-neck back. However, the most striking element of the full hand-embroidered gown is its ostrich feathers on both the sleeves and hemline. You will look the picture of elegance at any event.

  1. Formal A-Line Pocket Dress

If you are looking for a versatile couture item that you’ll pull out of your closet time and again, look no further than this formal A-line pocket dress. The flexible items will be a perfect choice for many events, from weddings to cocktail parties. It is also hand-embroidered and features two stylish side pockets, which works in harmony with hand-beaded sequins on raw silk. You can guarantee you will receive many compliments at a party or wedding.

  1. Sapphire Blue Swarovski Crystals Gown

It would be hard not to fall head over heels in love with the Sapphire blue Swarovski crystals gown. It offers a full hand-beaded embroidery, stunning Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, sequins, and glass beads, which will make you both look and feel like the belle of the ball.

The gown will make a style impact at any event, as it features a silk tulle that offers many layers to create a full volume skirt. The flattering fitted waist will also ensure it highlights your shape, while the sweetheart neckline will make you feel both feminine and fabulous. It is, however, essential to order the gown at least one month before an event, as it can take time to fully hand-bead the beautiful piece of couture.

  1. A-Line Style Dress

Feel every inch the fashionista with this gorgeous A-line style dress. It is an ideal choice for a date night, dinner party, or cocktail party, as it offers an elegant design and a beautiful embroidery around both the neck and wrist. You also will feel both chic and comfortable thanks to its relaxed fit, and it will look even more stunning when paired with a matching pair of heels and a clutch bag. It’s one dress you’ll reach for time and again.

  1. Midi Sequined Dress

Don’t overlook this midi sequined dress when looking for a versatile haute couture outfit this season. The glamorous midi dress is fully sequined, fully lined, and offers an attractive V-neck, so it is perfect for cocktails with your girlfriends, a party, or a date with your other half. Plus, it offers a black invisible zipper, which will allow others to focus solely on the style and attention to detail on the sophisticated dress.

    9. Ruffle Pearls Pockets Dress

If you’re looking for a dress you can wear throughout the seasons, this Ruffle Pearls and crystals Pockets Dress will not disappoint. The full embroidered dress features a beautiful organza ruffle illusion neckline, full sleeves, and below knee length dress create a feminine yet flattering design. The hidden back zip also ensures the feature doesn’t detract from the back neck. The full of pearls and crystals ivory dress, which is designed to hit below the knee, is an elegant choice for a dinner party, date night, or a formal event.

Wedding Pearls Dress

  1. Embroidered Lace Jumpsuit

Few materials are more elegant than lace, and it can add a touch of luxury to any outfit. If you want to exude confidence and style when attending an event, this embroidered lace jumpsuit will ensure you walk into a room feeling sophisticated and stylish.

It offers full embroidery on the upper part of the jumpsuit, which complements the sweetheart V neckline and full sleeves. Plus, you can stand, sit, and dance in comfort when wearing this beautiful jumpsuit, which is both lined and fined stitched.

If you are searching for handmade, stylish pieces that will transform your closet, browse our beautiful haute couture collection to find a look to match your style and taste.

Crystals Bridal Gown


Sustainable Fashion Slowly Gains Popularity Among Environmentally Conscious People


Published 53 seconds ago on February 7, 2021

In order to contribute to the environment, fashion companies make use of sustainable materials to release luxury clothing lines in the fashion market. The hand-crafted & sustainable fashion collection with an exotic design is available in the fashion world.

Fashion brands are now focusing on local & biodegradable fabric to produce clothes without the use of any chemicals. They undertake sustainable practices to promote sustainable fashion due to which environment lovers are appreciating their efforts.

Fashion brands like Farah Naz New York are introducing luxury clothing designed with sustainable practices. It provides a great selection of hand-crafted collections with a delicate design. One can easily buy silk jumpsuits, cashmere dresses, cupro silk dresses, etc., produced by Farah Naz New York with organic silk naturally by using eco-friendly methods to promote sustainable fashion.

Farah Naz New York’s sustainable collection slowly gains popularity in New York where this brand is based. The adoption of eco-friendly ways of production by fashion brands using chemical-free raw materials helps to promote sustainable fashion.

The use of versatility and sustainable practices in producing luxury clothing products by fashion brands is booming the demand for their products. Additionally, it is helping to promote sustainable fashion products.

By adding an element of humanity to fashion, many fashion brands are considering a charitable and ethical component in their luxury & high-quality fashion products. This innovative approach in fashion production is bringing a revolution in the fashion industry on a large scale.






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