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Five Types of Tops & Blouses That You Should Have for Your Formal Wear Collection

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Every woman should have a formal wear collection. A formal wear collection is different from your regular clothing because they are specifically designed to be dressed up and worn occasionally. Different types of tops and blouses are must-haves for any formal wear collection.

There are numerous ways to style your tops and blouses. You can wear a top with a pair of jeans or skirt, or it can be worn as a top over your dress. Here are some tips you need to consider when choosing your tops and blouses.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are an absolute summer essential. They’re often the only extra piece of clothing you need to pack for vacations. Whether you’re under or overdressed for the occasion, a tank top can always be worn to give you that extra button-up security. They have become more commonly used as outerwear in recent years due to their versatility and comfortable fit.

Chiffon Tops

Chiffon tops are very popular among women because they feel comfortable to wear. This top type is best paired with a skirt or dress with a high neckline. If you want to highlight your shoulders and upper arms, then this is the best top for you!

Silk Blouses

Silk blouses are another popular type of top that you can include in your formal wear collection. They also look elegant and classy, especially when it comes to evening gowns. They are usually paired with full skirts as they look more feminine and elegant than other types of blouses.

Voile Tops

Voile tops are made from thin pieces of fabric, which makes them perfect for hot weather like summer or spring. Style them up with a pair of denim jeans, and you’re good to run errands or visit a friend.

V-Neck Tops

This is one of the most popular types of tops that you can choose from any formal wear collection. It is also one of the most versatile tops out there as they go well with any kind of skirt or dress. It has a plain neckline, which means it goes with both thick and thin straps. This type of top comes in different colors, but mostly they come in black, white, ivory, and grey colors. A V-Neck Top is considered to be a staple item for any dress collection.

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To be fashionable, you need a few tops and blouses from the various fashion trends making the rounds. It is important to have a variety of clothes so that you can change your look for different occasions.

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