Five Ways to Rock Leather Pants

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Leather pants provide a particular challenge in terms of how they should be styled. Leather pants may not be the easiest thing to wear, but they’re also not impossible to style. In fact, they can be fun to get creative with for different looks!

Here are five ways to rock leather pants for a perfect outfit.

Leather Pants with Blazers

A lot of people wonder if they can wear leather pants to the office. If you’re going to wear leather trousers to work, blazers are a great way to dress them up and make them seem polished and put together. Leather pants are a good choice for the office since they have a more official appearance. For a night out, jazz up the blazer with colorful accessories and a pair of flirty shoes.

Wear Leather Pants with a Trench Coat and Boots

To some, this might sound like a bold new fashion trend. To others, it just sounds like a crazy idea that will never catch on. But what do you wear to the office when it’s snowing outside? With many snow days in the forecast, you might be tempted to stay in your pajamas — but that might not fly with your boss. You could dress in layers and cozy sweaters, but this outfit is much more stylish. Wearing leather pants with a trench coat and boots is worth trying!

Leather Pants with Tops that Match Your Skin Tone

Wearing a top that matches your skin tone is key to rocking leather pants. This is because the contrast in color creates the perfect balance; too much color makes it look like your outfit is two-toned, while not enough color makes it seem like you don’t care about fashion or how you look.

Leather Pants with a Loose Sweater

This is by far the simplest and easiest method for wearing leather pants and looking your best! Depending on the type of your sweater, you can either tuck the front in or tuck half of the buttoned sweater. Wear heels and a chain necklace if you’re heading out with your girls. Whether you’re dressed up or down, you can wear this with a pair of sneakers or boots and still rock the look!

Leather Pants with Leather Jacket

Who says you can’t wear leather on leather? There’s no such thing as having too much leather on you! If your leather trousers are the same color and design as your jacket, it creates a cohesive look that is easy to wear!

A woman wearing leather pants with a sweater
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