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How to Wear a Bridal Gown

How to Wear a Bridal Gown

One of the most important aspects of a wedding dress is how it looks on the bride. The dress has to be perfect in every way, not just for the bride but also for her guests. There are many ways that you can adorn your bridal gown perfectly. Wearing a wedding gown isn’t the same as wearing any other kind of gown.

There are a few things you need to do before you put on your ideal wedding dress. Here’s a list of things you need to do before you put on your wedding dress and walk down the aisle.

Fill up Your Stomach

Before donning your dress, you should have a substantial meal so that hunger pains don’t get the better of you while you’re changing! Once you’ve put it on, you’ll want to keep it clean. With all the excitement comes a risk of dizziness, which is exacerbated by a lack of food. Also, remember to drink enough water to keep yourself and your skin looking and feeling their best!

Gather Necessary Equipment

The most important thing to remember while getting ready is to keep your gown spotless. You’ll need a clean white sheet, your garter, and your shoes for this activity. You’ll need at least two people to help you get into and out of your gown. Make sure you have a scarf and a crochet hook on hand if you need to slide your gown over your head or if it has a lot of buttons.

Ready to Step into the Dress

To get ready, lay a sheet on the floor and put your shoes down on top of the sheet. Unzip or unbutton your gown and place it over your shoes if you have a corset. Step into the dress one leg at a time, putting your feet in your shoes as you go, with the help of another person. If you’re done with your makeup before you put on your dress, make sure to cover your face with a silk cloth to avoid makeup smudges.

Final Touch Ups

Next, the gown should be thoroughly checked to ensure that every fastener is secure, every inch is resting flat, and there are no smudges or flaws. Make sure your gown isn’t squished beneath you by sitting on a backless stool with your gown fluffed out around you. Pull your gown up high before you sit and ask an attendant to drape your dress over the chair’s back. Finally, face a full-length mirror and bask in awe of your beauty for a few moments!

A woman wearing a sequins flare straps dress

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