Wedding Guest

Formal Floral Dress


Wear the Formal Floral Dress,

Anytime anywhere.

To a wedding,

Or some other formal affair.

Just remember you’ll be the source of many a stare

And a fair share of female glares

because that’s just how good you’ll look

In this formalwear.


In the Spotlight


  • A flare floral print dress
  • No sleeves
  • V-neckline at the front and a deeper one at the back
  • 100% lined
  • Finely stitched
  • Invisible closure at the back
  • Longer at the back without going floor-length
  • True to size and tucks in at the waistline
  • Imported
  • Featured in the spring/summer 2020 to 2021 collection


Note: Dry clean only.

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