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Sequins Fit & Flare Straps Dress


Designed to help you steal the spotlight, this velvet sequin fit and flare strap dress is the classic gown entirely covered with navy blue and gold sequins. The transition from the blue sequins to the gold makes the ensemble flow breathtakingly. It has the perfect balance of accentuation from the waist and swirls from the bottom.

The garment that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and powerful
• Create an alluring figure while allowing for your personality to shine through
• Showcase your authentic self by following the latest trends with a timeless touch of glamour
• Modernize your wardrobe without having to break the bank.

Model’s size: 4/S- Height: 5’11” in

 True to Size:

Size 2/ XS. Bust: 33 1/2” in- Waist: 25 1/2" in- Hips: 36 1/2" in

Size4/ S. Bust: 34 1/2”  in- Waist: 26 1/2” in- Hips: 37 1/2” in

Size 6/S.  Bust: 35 1/2” in- Waist: 27 1/2" in- Hips: 38 1/2" in

Size 8/ M. Bust: 36 1/2” in- Waist: 28 1/2" in- Hips: 391/2" in

Size 10/ M. Bust: 37 1-2” in-  Waist: 29 1/2" in- Hips: 40 1/2" in

Size 12/ L. Bust: 38 1/2” in- Waist: 30 1/2" in- Hips: 41 1/2" in

In the Spotlight:

  • Velvet covered with high-quality sequins
  • Fully lined to boost your confidence
  • High-quality sewing with refined edges
  • Available for up to size 12

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