Freshwater Pearl Drop Pendant Necklace For Women


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Color Sterling Silver

Step into elegance with our Freshwater Pearl Drop Pendant Necklace for women. It's a beautiful mix of classic charm and modern style, carefully made by FARAH NAZ New York. This pendant necklace is like a small piece of timeless beauty and trendy jewelry.
Imagine wearing a necklace with a natural freshwater pearl hanging right in the middle – simple and graceful. We choose each pearl carefully to make sure it's the best quality. The chain is delicate, adding a nice touch to the pendant and making it look refined and feminine.
You can pick either a plain sterling silver chain or a gold-plated rhodium sterling silver chain. That means you can match it with any outfit, making it perfect for different occasions. It's all about what you like!
Our Freshwater Pearl Drop Pendant Necklace is made with a lot of care to give you something special. It's not just jewelry; it's a way to show your style with a touch of modern and classic.
Make your jewelry collection even better with this special pendant necklace from FARAH NAZ New York. It's not only for fancy events – you can wear it every day too. Get ready to shine with our Freshwater Pearl Drop Pendant Necklace, where luxury meets simplicity.
High-quality pearls may be few and far in between, but let us assure you FARAH NAZ New York will go the extra mile to make sure her patrons only get the best ones out there. Looking to expand your jewelry collection? Check out this Freshwater Pearl Drop Pendant: a necklace with a freshwater pearl drop smack in the middle. Thanks to silver and gold-plated options, you can match it with any ensemble and create a fantabulous look.
In the Spotlight
• Premium luxury
• Natural freshwater pearl drop pendant
• Delicate chain
• Chain available in plain or gold-plated rhodium sterling silver
• Extremely lightweight at 0.2lb

The total length of the dress from Shoulder to hemline: 46” inches


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