3 Key Factors to Remember when Choosing a Debutante Dress

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All grown up and ready to be the belle of the ball?

Debutante balls can be dated back to the 18th century, when the coming of age of an aristocratic young girl was celebrated to let all the eligible bachelors in town know that she was ready to enter the courtship games.

While debutante ceremonies in today's date aren't carried out as commonly as they were before, the culture still exists in most major cities of America and particularly in the American South.

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When it comes to choosing a dress that will not only look beautiful but also be something you'll feel confident in, there are several factors you should keep in mind:

#1 - The Right Material

Always make sure that the model's description specifies what type of material it's made from and check whether or not the fabric is comfortable enough to spend a whole evening in, while socializing with everyone at the party.

#2 - The Perfect Length

The length of the dress is also very important when it comes to your one's safety.

Never choose a dress that is too long simply because it looks pretty, especially if you will be dancing in it. This means you should try and avoid choosing a ball gown style with a trainas it can get caught on shoes and make one trip in a rather embarrassing situation.

However, wearing shorter dresses is also a big NO at debutante parties.

#3 - Selecting the Style

It's best to stay moderate with the neckline. While a lower cut looks feminine and allows your beauty to shine through, plunging necklines aren't the safest option for this day.

You'll also be out and about and want to avoid any mishaps and slips at the party.

Remember to always stick to whites. While some traces of beige embroidery are acceptable in some regions, we recommend you stick to the purity of an all-white dress so that you exude class and feminism.


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Choosing a dress that suits your personality and body type will surely make you feel your most beautiful selfonthe special occasion.

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