Unique Ways to Wear Sequins in 2021

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Wearing sequins is an easy way to add a touch of sparkle and glamour to your everyday look.

Did you know that sequins have been around since 1342 BC? Even though they are a traditional fabric, there are some new twists on how to wear them in 2021. 

These days, sequins can be found on everything. From your princess dress for your next Disney World trip to trendy heels for an evening out with friends, these sparkling fabrics will never go out of style!

FARAH NAZ New York is here to cater to your love for sequins. Visit our online store for ready-to-wear dresses, bridal gowns, unique formal women’s jumpsuits, evening dresses, and gowns with a touch of sequins.

Here are some ideas on how you can use this sparkling fabric in new and interesting ways:

Sequinned Trousers

Dare to show off your legs in our high-rise trousers with killer sequins.

Fitted at the hip, slimming from knee to ankle, and as streamlined as they come, these pairs of trousers have a practically invisible side zipper and no pockets so that there’s no bulging fabric.

Sequined trousers are a great way to oomph up any outfit when you’re to go outside but don’t want to wear a dress. They’re classy, chic, and comfortable.

Fully-lined from hip to ankle, this shiny fabric from FARAH NAZ New York is one smooth wardrobe essential that will be easy to slip on over anything!

Mix and Match

If wearing an all-sequined dress sounds too bold for you, there are actually tons of different ways to incorporate sequins into your outfits without them looking tacky or overdone.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match sequins with other fabrics and other detail work such as beads.

Pairing sequins with beads is a fantastic way to create intricate designs for your outfit. The two work excellently with each other by adding a new dimension yet balancing off each other’s shine and dullness.

Our Formal Sweep Train Dress features delicate work on tulle fabric.

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Sequins on Patterns

Sequins on patterns are the newest trend in fashion. In 2021, incorporate sequins on patterns into your wardrobe to add a little sparkle to your look.

A waffle-cone pattern with sequins creates a classy look for formal events where you need to look dress. Check out our Asymmetrical Jacket with a hint of sequins.

FARAH NAZ New York is a one-stop shop for buying dresses online. We’ve got jumpsuits, bridal dresses, haute couture, and formal clothes to have you look your best on every occasion.

Shop now at our online women’s clothing store!

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