4 Ways to Make Simple Button-Downs Great Again

October 26, 2021

4 Ways to Make Simple Button-Downs Great Again

If there's one thing that all women face, we never have anything to wear when we need to go out. Despite all these heaps of clothes and our packed closets, there are never enough clothes to wear! However, there's one piece of clothing that saves the day – a simple button-down shirt!

Button-downs have been our safe outfits for years and have got us through interviews, casual hangouts, etc. Wondering how you can make these boring simple button-downs chic? Don't be confused; we'll show you a few ways that will transform your simple button-downs into fashionable outfits.

Put On a Choker!

Do you think that a pair of jeans and a button-down is too plain and simple? No worries; put a fancy choker on! Chokers are always in style and glam your outfit up within a few seconds. There's a variety of chokers available, leaving you with several options.

Chokers won't just take your outfit up a notch but also accentuate your neckline. You can also put together a pair of earrings or bracelets to enhance your look.

Show-Off Those Curves with a Cinched Belt!

Instead of tucking your button-down in your jeans, let it loose and spice it up with a cinched belt. A cinched belt won't just highlight those gorgeous curves but make you look oh-so-chic.

 Pull out that oversized button-down you've thrown at the back of the closet and pair that with a cinched belt, and prevent the button-down from concealing your figure.

Style this outfit with a pair of knee-high boots, and you're ready for the fall season.


Knot it Up!

A woman in a knotted button-down shirt

If you're looking for an easy way to make your button-down trendy, you're going to love this style! Wear your button-down and knot the front of it so that it shows a bit of your waist. Leave the bottom few buttons undone, and cross both ends, then tie a knot.

Pair this outfit with a pair of jeans or a suede or leather skirt. 

Wear a Sweater over Your Button-Down Shirt

Fall seasons bring a bit of chill, making it the perfect time to grab your sweaters! Wear your button-down shirt and tuck it in your jeans. Once your shirt is all tucked in, wear a cute sweater over it. Position your button-down's collar over your sweater.

Pair your sweater with a pair of jeans or bell bottoms, and you're ready to slay!

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