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A Bride-To-Be’s Guide To Selecting The Perfect Wedding Dress

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A wedding gown is something you can’t afford to go wrong with, but getting your dream gown can be an overwhelming task with so many options out there.

You will feel the pressure when shopping for your big day as it’s the most expensive piece of clothing you’ll ever own and also the most precious one. After all, it’s your wedding gown. Not to forget, the latest trend of having multiple dresses, one formal one for the ceremony and one for the reception, can make shopping even more stressful for you.

Well, we’ve brought together some wedding shopping tips that’ll help you find the gown of your dreams regardless of your budget, timeline, or style.

Look Everywhere to Find What You Like

Don’t just rely on a single boutique you visit for your big day. Browse through sites online, rip out magazine pages, explore Pinterest, and check out what celebrity brides are currently choosing for their big day to have an idea of what’s in fashion these days. Find out how you can work out with the style you like to have the perfect outfit for your wedding.

Be Open to Options

Don’t just restrict yourself to a specific silhouette. You should keep in mind what you prefer but always try different styles before making a final decision.

It’s very common for brides to come with a pre-decided wedding gown but instead fall for something that’s the exact opposite of what they had planned their wedding gown to be. Therefore, be open to options when shopping for your big day.

a woman in a silk spaghetti straps gown

Shop True To Your Size

Even if you’re planning to lose a few inches for your big day, shop for your dress in the current size. Don’t go smaller, thinking you’ll lose weight before your wedding. It’s easier to get a few inches in, but loosening up the dress can take long.

Keep Your Wedding Theme in Mind

Before you begin shopping for your bridal dress, make sure to decide on your wedding theme. Decide whether you’d want a formal, romantic affair or would like to go with a casual outdoor wedding in a garden. Keeping the venue and theme in mind will help keep your wedding dress in line with your wedding style.

Bring the Right Undergarment

Don’t just work on assumptions when it comes to your wedding dress. You can’t judge how a strapless gown would look while your bra straps are sticking out.

When going to your appointments, make sure to take the best undergarments with you that you’ll be wearing at your wedding as well, to get a better idea of how your dress will look.

a woman in shoulder-less train gown

Are you struggling to find your dream wedding gown? At FARAH NAZ New York, we’ve got an impressive collection of bridal dresses. From a simple white gown with spaghetti straps, lace wedding dress, wedding dress with sleeves, to an elegantly beaded dress, we have it all for you.

You’re bound to find a bridal dress you fall in love with as you browse through our online women’s clothing store.

Contact us to get bridal dresses online today! 

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