For the Love of Flowers: Nailing Floral Prints Like Nobody's Business

October 23, 2021

For the Love of Flowers: Nailing Floral Prints Like Nobody's Business

Florals are all around us. Even though flowers bloom in spring and summer, women have taken to wearing them in the non-flowering fall and winter seasons to add a little color to their frigid environs.


Here's how you, too, can wear women's apparel like a boss during these colder months.

Go Easy on the Accessories

They say you can't make flowers work on a light background in cold weather. It just doesn't vibe. Well, we say they absolutely vibe as long as you're not noising them up with a bonanza of accessories.


A pretty floral dress should be the star of your look. Thus, you should not overpower it with too much bling, scarves, and other add-ons. A pair of stud earrings and a delicate necklace are all you need to make a floral print shine on its own.

Careful with the Density

No matter the season, you should always determine the density of your floral print by considering the intended effect. If you want to go for a slimming look, packed florals with hardly a speck of negative space will do the job just fine.


Conversely, if you want to look fuller, an outfit with sparse floral details would be much less distracting, giving the onlooker enough time to go from one detail to another and creating a fuller illusion.

Contrast with Neutral Patterns

You can always pair floral tops with neutral bottoms to make the former shine ever brighter. A pleated skirt or slacks paired with a Women's Chiffon Blouse would make the perfect business or country club casual.


Add the finishing touch with a pair of dangle earrings and a plain handbag, and you'll look as put-together as ever.

 A Woman Striking a Pose in a Women's Chiffon Blouse and Black Pleated Skirt

Heels for Days

If you're wearing a floral maxi like our Floral Ruffle Tiered Maxi Dress, you'll have to balance its floweriness with plain high heels, simple jewelry, and equally plain accessories.


However, if you're tall enough to pull off the florals on their own, you can go right ahead and wear your most comfortable flats to complete your ensemble.

Offset Pattern with Texture

We previously mentioned pairing a pleated skirt with your floral blouse, and we reckon it's time we talked about textures rather than patterns.


Not everyone's a fan of neutrals, which is why we've got just the thing for these unhappy campers. Enter: textures. Pair your floral top with a pleated, shirred, ribbed, quilted, crepe, net, lace, or hammered bottom, and you're sure to look like the best-dressed person in the room.


Don't want to wear plain footwear? By all means, add more florals with bloom-patterned or textured footwear.

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