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A Quick Guide to Dressing Up this Thanksgiving

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Too bad the fashion industry slumped last year to give us any fashion trend to talk about. This year, cerulean is your new black with its natural hues and calming aesthetic. Fabric leftovers are also doing rounds on fashion runways since sustainable fashion is the 21st century woke culture rage.

Opting for different outfits all year round comes off as fashion-forward. Make a point this year to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with fabrics you've never tried before! Each year, fashion experts pass a verdict on the trendiest wear on the occasions of Christmas and Easter. The only festival that we need to add to our festival fashion spree is the occasion of Thanksgiving.

Celebrated every year on 25th November, the festival symbolizes the virtue of giving thanks for our sustenance. The occasion is celebrated with much rigor throughout America.

Here's a guide for what you can wear this Thanksgiving:

Ruffle It Up!

In case you didn't know, there aren't many occasions when ruffles went out of fashion. They're classic wear which look beautiful with the entire color palette. It's the best way to add a delicate touch to dresses with a small amount of drama. You can sport ruffles anywhere on the garment. Ruffled blouses, ruffled sleeves, ruffled trousers are all popular ways you can style ruffles.

Alexander McQueen's Welsh red ruffled dress has been a go-to dress for women. The dress features ruffles at the bottom and sleeves with a plush red, which is only lighter than your cranberry sauce hue.

Looking for softer hues? Online stores deal in women's ready-to-wear dresses that have ruffles to them. Contact us to check out our ruffled-dress collection.

A Major Yes to Monochromes!

Max Mara and Versace brought in monochromes as an inspiration to the spring runway shows for 2022. Not only were these displays effortlessly modern, but they also presented monochrome in a new light. This year's monochrome saga wasn't bland like last year's. The use of light-hued monochrome was carefully done to cut casual, chic, and contemporary silhouettes.

And that's how we decide on your monochrome Thanksgiving look this year! Go for lighter shades for monochrome garments if you're going to small gatherings. For larger gatherings, let black be your go-to color.

Women's apparel stores in New York have some of the best monochrome wear for this season. Try their monochromes in black to look amazing on Thanksgiving Day.

 woman wearing a black skirt and blouse

Although rompers and jumpsuits for women are a common choice for Thanksgiving events, monochrome party dresses for women are splashed throughout runway shows this season. You don't have much time to rummage through shops since Thanksgiving is just around the corner. You can order the best dresses online from our website. We deal in semi-formal and formal ladies' wear. Contact us at 1(800)363 4544 to know more about our products, pricing, and delivery process.

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