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Defying the Summer with 6 Maxi Dresses

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Floor and ankle-length women’s apparel aren’t always the first option in the summer season. Most women want at least some air circulation in the leg region, thus opting for wide-legged trousers and midi skirts.


However, to us, the following maxi dresses for women would always come first.

1.    Formal Floral Dress

This Formal Floral Dress will hit you right in the feels with its floaty fabric, flowery pattern, and tail that stops just short of floor length.


It’s sleeveless, has a V-neck at the front and a deeper V-neck at the back, and is the perfect outfit for a beach wedding in broad daylight or a second date night.

2.    Slip Dress

The Slip Dress seamlessly blends a slip into a dress that settles perfectly along your body. Instead of pairing the spaghetti straps with a sweetheart neckline, Farah Naz surprises us with a V-neckline on both sides.


But, the crowning glory of the cocktail dress is hands down the thigh-high slit that runs along the side of the elusive and shimmery bodice.

3.    Sequins Slit Train Gown

There’s so much to love about the Sequins Slit Train Gown, starting with the glorious sequins painstakingly sewn across the dress. The fact that it’s fitted from the waist is perfect for women who want to show off their hourglass figure.


The arms are kept long yet sheer, but there’s nothing coy about the front slit, which sits high and proud, revealing a good amount of leg.

4.    French Lace Gown

This beautiful floor length French Lace Gown comes fresh off the runway. The meshy outer layer is adorned with hand-stitched flowers and pearls and is held up by a comfortable lining.


The historical bateau neck, silhouette, and cap sleeves further elevate the look, making the wearer appear graceful and feel like the star of the evening.

A Caucasian Model Posing in the Red A-line Floor Length Gown in a Low Ponytail

5.    A-Line Floor Length Gown

No description can quite do justice to the A-line Floor Length Gown, perfect for balancing narrow hips and wider shoulders. Be that as it may, shape will be the last thing on your mind when you get a load of the detail on this stunning evening gown.


Starting with a tulle neck and sleeves in the color black, the dress goes red from the bust-line, starting down a path replete with sequins and beads and ending with a grand ostrich hemline. It’s dark, different, and a cut above the rest.

6.    Shawl Fitted Gown

You should probably not wear the Shawl Fitted Gown to a wedding because it will take center stage anywhere. The two-piece evening gown and cape is also fresh off the ramp and our prettiest work to date.


The material is sapphire silk tulle, embellished with sequins, crystals, and beads. The dress itself has a plunging V-neck and remains sleeveless to make way for the identical cape. It’s quite simply fit for a queen.


Make this summer all about maxi dresses. Buy couture evening gowns only at FARAH NAZ New York, where we have the best formal wear and party dresses for women at a click.


To learn more, contact our women’s clothing store online.Bottom of Form


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