Dress for the Occasion: The Best Attire for Job Interviews

August 19, 2021

A Model Posing in an Internship Attire of a White Cardigan Paired with a Teal Pleated

A lot of emphasis is put on dressing right for job interviews, and for good reason, too. When you go through the effort, not only is the fact not lost on your interviewer, but you also feel more comfortable in your skin. Moreover, limiting your get-up to “clean laundry” isn’t exactly a surefire way to fit into a new workplace!

Here’s how to dress up for different job interviews.


Summer Job

Summer jobs and placements come with an expiration date, so most individuals aren’t inclined to go the extra mile. However, you should still draw a line between casual and work attire.

Summer job interviewers are pretty laid back, but even camp counselors expect to see you in your best eco-friendly jeans or skirt. You can wear a brighter, flashier top as long as it doesn’t have a stretched neckline or holes.

Recommendation: A Cross- Back Jersey Top with our Eco-Trend High-rise Skinny Jeans.



Whether internships are temporary or lead to jobs, interns need to dress for the relevant corporate culture, which could necessitate work casual or formal wear.

For a summer interview, you might want to skip the sweater over a button-down look for a light-colored cardigan, blouse, or a stylish blazer, paired with slacks or a skirt. Keep the accessories limited to a simple pendant necklace.

Recommendation: A Women Wool Cardigan with our Pleated Skirt and a Heart Shape Zircon Pendant.

A Model Posing in a Business Casual Outfit of a Black Blouse and Pleated Skirt

Campus Job

You have quite the leeway when applying for a job on campus, especially as a student. For instance, you could show up between classes in your everyday attire to interview for a job at the campus coffee shop but might want to put a tad more effort into dressing up for a job at the bookshop or student union.

When we say “more effort,” we don’t mean anything too fancy. Just a light sweater paired with your best jeans will do the trick.

Recommendation: A Cotton Cashmere Sweater with our Organic Straight Cut Jeans.


Startup/Business Casual

Informal work environments are fairly common nowadays. If you’ve got a job interview at a company that’s all about the chill vibe in its corporate culture, we suggest you get as creative as you want without wearing into clubbing wear.

The trick is to dress up just a degree more formally than everyone else. So, if the memo is to wear shorts and t-shirts, you’re safer wearing a blouse tucked inside a skirt.

Recommendation: A Black Self-Tie Blouse with our Chiffon Pleated Skirt.


Business Apparel

Business apparel has changed in recent years. It’s gone from having female employees wearing dresses to more gender-neutral options for all its workforce.

We suggest you go with the vibe of the place here as well. Get admin to clarify the dress code of the place. Then, pick from a button-down and jeans or a dress.

Recommendation: The Silk Shirt Hope with our Eco Trend Skinny Ripped Jeans or Silk Button Down Collar Dress.

When it comes to appropriate interview attire, women’s clothing is quite the minefield. However, as long as you have this guide and our ready to wear dresses, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. So, start your online shopping with our tops and bottoms today.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our online women’s clothing store.

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