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Top Picks from FARAH NAZ’s Sustainable Collection

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Farah Naz is a New York-based fashion designer who is concerned about the future of the planet. Her Sustainable Collection is made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled paper, organic cotton, and natural dyes.Specializing in contemporary, ethical, and unique styles, her brands are recognized for their commitment to sustainability and ethical production practices. Each brand’s story is unique. They all share the common goal of making fashion a more sustainable industry and giving back to the planet for future generations.

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Let’s take a look at some of her sustainable collections for a closet makeover.

The Silk Shirt Hope

The shirt is made from pure cupro silk, which is recycled cotton linter cellulose that has been regenerated. This top is not only stylish but also very comfortable to wear. It’s part of Farah’s up-cycling line, and it can be worn with any kind of bottoms, from jeans to skirts or leggings.

Formal A-Line Pocket dress

This black beaded frock is lightweight and breathable to wear. The sequin work on this dress makes it a classic ensemble for any evening party. The subtle pleats around the waistline hug the body for a perfect fit. Pair it with some red high heels, and you’re ready to rock the party!

Wool Cardigan

Cardigans are a classic style that can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. They keep you warm and comfy. This Angora wool cardigan is stunning with embroidered details at the front. Pair it up with a silk skirt to create a sleek and elegant evening look.

Eco-Trend High Rise Skinny Jeans

This pair of slim jeans are long-lasting, stylish, and a little shabby. But the finest part of this body-hugging miracle is its ability to suit every user as if it had been sewn specifically for them. The fitting is just perfect for all sizes. Pair it up with your favorite tank tops or classic tees to pop that look and run errands in style!

French Lace Gown

This vibrant red lace gown radiates positive energy with just the right amount of sophistication. The 3D flowers and pearls make you seem as stunning as a bouquet of red roses! It’s reasonable to say that this is a must-have haute couture piece.

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Congratulations! You have just found yourself a collection of exquisite clothing for the year. Now you can’t say you don’t have anything to wear to that party!

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