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3 Ready to Wear Outfit Options for a Last-Minute Event

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With the holiday season fast approaching and the lockdown restrictions finally lifted, your social calendar is going to fill up very quickly. And while you’ll know about most events, there are bound to be some last minutes events that are going to pop up here and there.

Whether it’s a wedding, a party, a concert, a picnic, a New Year party, or a gathering with friends, dressing for these last-minute events can seem to be very stressful and challenging. Spontaneity doesn’t bode well with your outfit choices.

To help you avoid a case of fashion faux-pas, we have put together a list of stunning ready-to-wear dresses that you can rock on every occasion.

A woman wearing a silk button dress

Silk Button Down Collar Dress

The simple yet chic button-down dress is crafted from regenerated cellulose fiber. If you’re an avid supporter of sustainable fashion, this dress is perfect for you as it’s not harmful to the environment.

If you want to be vegan, eco-friendly, and upcycled, this button-down silk dress is perfect for you. The dark gray trendy number is created from Cupro silk and features stylish front buttons with a pointed collar. It ties at the waist with a knee-length slit at the front.

A woman wearing a jumpsuit

A Double Silk Jumpsuit

Made with pure double silk, this jumpsuit looks very trendy and stylish and works well for several occasions like a formal dinner, a party, or a wedding reception.

The silver crystal trims between the stitched lines look incredibly stylish and create a trendy outlook. The jumpsuit also features a high collar and silk tulle above the bust and the back. It's available in two colors; black and darkest navy.

Emerald Green Midi Dress

The emerald green midi dress is a dream come true for every worn and makes you look straight out of a fairy tale. It strikes the perfect balance between flair and elegance.

The modern dress features a bottom flare to accentuate the waist and complement the flow of the dress. Other details include puffed sleeves, a crossed V-neck, and an invisible zipper.

Final Thoughts

Accessorize these dresses with a blazer, some heels, and some statement jewelry pieces to create a head-turning look.

Even if it’s a last-minute event and you don’t have a lot of options, try to find something you’ll feel comfortable wearing. Don’t just shop for anything because you’re in a rush. Look for pieces that will work well on various occasions.

Try to pick trendy colors or something that will suit the nature of the event you need to attend.

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