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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Pleated Skirt

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A pleated skirt is an essential addition to the wardrobe that will never go out of style. It can be worn and styled with practically anything for a quick ensemble. When wearing these skirts, pair them with a simple top or plain jacket to let the skirt stand out. They’re also ideal for summer or spring; that’s when you’ll want something that’ll keep you cool but won’t make you sweat. Even though these are fantastic and may be worn by many women, people sometimes make blunders when wearing pleated skirts.

Woman wearing a pleated skirt in black and white

Wrong Underwear

When wearing pleated skirts, many women wear the wrong undergarments, which can cause embarrassment. The elastic on the underwear becomes visible and can occasionally be seen through the skirt, depending on the fabric it is made out of. That’s the last thing a woman wants.

To make matters worse, if you’re wearing bright-colored underwear, it’ll be even more visible and easier to spot if the fabric of the skirt is light. Stick with no show panties having no lining. The best thing would be to go for neutral colors when wearing these skirts.

Wrong For Your Body

There’s no “one size fits all” for pleated skirts. Occasionally we’ll see models wearing something that looks fantastic on them but different on us. This is why marketers use models of all shapes and sizes so that we can see how different clothes look on different people.

The waistband of some pleated skirts may be excessively tight on our curves, or the skirt’s material may draw attention to our curves. So be cautious when purchasing pleated skirts and ensure that the one you’re getting hugs your body as opposed to strangling it.    

Wrong Weather

When you walk, these skirts flow with the wind, so avoid wearing them in a specific type of weather. If it’s too windy outside, you might want to opt-out of wearing this as you will continuously have to keep your skirt down. This skirt is best suited for summer or spring paired with a nice jacket or cardigan.

Wrong Length

When it comes to skirt lengths, fashion trends are continuously changing, and it seems as if you can never keep up with them. Remember the golden rule: short women should wear short skirts above the knee length to make their legs appear longer.

Wrong Fabric

Cheap fabrics draw attention to a woman’s flaws and rarely look decent. Choose a skirt composed of dense fabric that will readily conform to your shape and make your appearance look more classy and expensive.

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