Your Guide to Styling a Jumpsuit

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There’s no doubt that jumpsuits are a style statement. The head-to-toe, all-in-one piece creates a fashionable yet striking look. Wearing a jumpsuit allows you to move beyond a basic dress or pantsuit combination into more fashionable waters.

However, many women still hesitate to adopt this trend-worthy style. The reason is that it isn’t easy to pull off this look. Even the most minor mistake like choosing the wrong fitting or adding the wrong accessory can make it a fashion disaster.

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Here’s your guide to wearing a jumpsuit like a fashionista.

Find the Right Fit

Getting a jumpsuit that hugs your body in all the right places and fits perfectly is key to looking poised and put together.

If you wear an extremely tight jumpsuit, you might look like a cat woman and end up feeling uncomfortable. If you sport a jumpsuit that’s too loose, your body will look out of proportions, and the whole look will come off as sloppy.

Pick something that is not too big or too small. The jumpsuit should hug your figure perfectly without showing too much skin.

Add a Belt to Define Your Waist

The importance of not losing your figure while wearing a jumpsuit cannot be stressed enough. Many jumpsuits come with a belt. If it doesn’t, you can add one to define your waist. This is a great way to add a feminine touch to the look while accentuating your figure.

You can experiment with different colored belts. These belts can also serve as a perfect accessory that can take your look to the next level.

Add a Blazer on Top

Adding some dimensions to your look can never go wrong. Pairing it with a blazer can add personality to your jumpsuit and elevate the look.

It breaks up the look by adding a subtle layer. It also works well if you’re wearing a jumpsuit to a formal event like a cocktail party, dinner, or fancy drinks with friends.

A woman wearing a black jumpsuit


Always wear heels with a jumpsuit. This helps create the illusion of an elongated body. Most jumpsuits are solid colors, so it makes sense to add some jewelry. It’s an interesting detail that adds a wow factor to your jumpsuit.

Choose statement pieces that will stand out, like a chunky necklace or large embellished earrings. Gold jewelry looks great when paired with formal-style jumpsuits, and you can go for colorful jewelry if it’s a more casual setting.

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